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Gov't vows to take responsibility for dementia to lessen burden on patients, families

치매국가책임제 시동... 환자와 가족에게 부담 덜하기 Dementia.With it comes deterioration of cognitive abilities.It not only makes life difficult for the patient, but for those around them as well, as they require around the clock care.For our news features tonight, Oh Jung-hee introduces to us the Korean government's new policy to help lessen the burden on patietns and families... and how it's being received. This is part of a play called "Le Pere."It depicts a problem seen often in our society -- family violence and conflict related to dementia. President Moon Jae-in has called dementia something that everyone "fears," and his government has vowed to find ways on a national level for people to cope with it. "The government has allocated funds to increase the number of dementia care centers nationwide from just 47 to 252. Having dementia care centers in each and every district will help prevent dementia through early check-ups and consulting services, and lessen the burden on patients and families." One such center is the Nowon-gu district Center for Dementia in northern Seoul.Alongside dementia screening tests,... it also runs daily classes to prevent the condition in both high-risk and normal groups... and to delay the progression of the disease in those who already have it.Patients come here every day for checkups... and to engage in activities like exercise, crafts, games and cooking.

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