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Expect hot weather until Sunday

날씨: 일요일까지 무더위 이어지다 For the updates you'll need before stepping out, we turn to our Michelle Park at the weather center. Michelle, it's been 4 days since heatwave warnings were issued across the country. Can we expect the heat to die down anytime soon? Well Daniel, in the meantime we'll have to find some ways to beat the heat because we are looking at some similar temperatures tomorrow. Seoul will start off the morning at 20 degrees Celsius while Daegu and Busan are at 21 and 19 degrees. During the day tomorrow, Seoul will reach 32 degrees, Gwangju will top out at 33, while a cool breeze in the southeast sees Busan topping out at 26. Looking at the week ahead, the heatwave will continue for a while until Saturday,... but Sunday's rain will offer a brief respite. However, as soon as the rain clears, the heat will keep on rising once again. These days, you can get sunburn within minutes, and ozone concentration is high even at night, so make sure to take the appropriate precautions.I'll leave you with the weather conditions around the world.

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